evan roberts

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Evan is a sonic wizard creating sound from a multitude of gadgets and strange boxes...see more

Evan Roberts has been working in media broadcasting since age of eight. At fifteen he was producing radio drama at NZBC and acting on TV. He had a career in radio broadcasting for eight years which encompassed engineering, commercial production, on air operations and recording live and studio music.

He has engineered, performed and produced on music works for EMI, Universal, BMG and Cafe Del Mar.

Evan coaches voice artists for work in film, TV and advertising and is himself a professional media broadcasting voice over.

He has created music and sound design for short films, some of which have merited awards such as short film of the year 1989 and Accolade film award 1991. He has also won awards for audio in advertising, Bronze and Silver Axis, Cannes Gold and Silver Lions , New York Festival and Bronze LIA.

He is also working in the field of computer science to create new kinds of audio equipment to augment The Gunnery’s work including new kinds of granular synthesis sound design tools and alternatives to chromatic music design.

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