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Paul has composed a vast amount of music for The Gunnery since 2009 across any genre you can imagine. He has composed film scores for James Cameron’s ‘Last Mysteries of the Titanic’ and Glen Goei’s ‘Revenge of the Pontianak’. He scored, sound designed and mixed ‘I Dream of Singapore’ for Yuan Bin Lei which premiered at Berlinale. He composed Leon Cheo’s Emmy nominated series People Like Us. He has made music and sound design for many theatre productions in Singapore and Australia, most notably Wild Rice’s outstanding ‘Hotel’. He earned a Gold Record with Sydney funk band Skunkhour, recording albums for Sony, Universal, Pony Canyon and Acid Jazz in London. As a session keyboard player he has worked with many notable Australian artists including Jenny Morris, Jimmy Barnes and The Sleepy Jackson. He recently recorded his new solo album as ‘The Soft Lights’ with members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. He records voiceovers for Comedy Central and Paramount. He has a degree in Architecture and has written and directed his own films on AFC and FTO grants in Australia. He won the 2016 NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge with his screenplay “The Dancer”. This wide range of creative experience helps Paul tell your story with music in the most powerful way

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