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Paul is an accomplished composer across all genres...see more

Starhub - Sunseap
Revenge Of The Pontianak
Canon - Curious

Paul Searles is a well seasoned composer, producer and keyboard player from Sydney. After a short career in architecture he joined seminal Australian funk band Skunkhour, touring the world and recording albums for Sony, Universal and Acid Jazz in London.

He is a classical pianist but his musical tastes are diverse, from hip hop in Australia’s outback, sessions for
Aussie bands such as The Sleepy Jackson, a score for James Cameron’s “Last Mysteries of the Titanic”
broadcast live on Discovery USA and a recently completed album for Australian legend Jeff Duff. He has created a multitude of music and sound for Australian TV and film projects include Anthony Hayes’ first feature “New Skin”, winner of the Dendy Award. For the theatre he has written music for
“A Clockwork Orange” at the Bangarra Theatre and “Hamlet” at the Belvoir Theatre and most recently the score for the Wild Rice production of “Romeo and Juliet”.

He makes short films and documentaries and has a number of feature scripts in development. He recently shot a Muay Thai film on location in Hong Kong, China and Bangkok. While his first love will always be music his forays into film-making give him a broader understanding of how best to support your story with music and sound.

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